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Why is Hot Water Heat Better?

Water and air are the two mediums used to carry heat in most heating systems. Of the two, water is far superior because it is one of the best conductors of heat. That means it is a lot easier to add heat to and take heat out of water than air. That's one of the reasons why it is more efficient.

Water can also be circulated positively, even over relatively long distances. A few mathematical calculations determine required hose size and flow rate. Positive circulation means you can pump heat anywhere it is needed. No cold spots.

Positive control over the circulation of the water also makes zoning easy and with hot water heat you can have manual or automatic temperature control in every single room. This improves comfort and reduces heating costs.

Another big advantage of water is its temperature can be accurately controlled. This allows you to modulate or adjust and vary the temperature of the water to compensate for changing outdoor temperatures, heating load and air exchange requirements.

The heating load of every home and building constantly changes with the outside temperature. In churches, auditoriums and manufacturing plants the heating load also changes with occupancy rates and ventilation requirements. Because the temperature of water can be precisely controlled it is easier to optimize comfort levels as conditions keep changing.

While all of this may sound complicated, hot water heating systems are the easiest to automate for maximum comfort and economy. When using hot water you get a more even heat, less temperature fluctuations, improved comfort and lower heating costs. Hot water can be used to heat any public building, any commercial building, any agricultural building and any residential building.

Hot water can be used with any type of heating system. Radiant floor heating, baseboards, forced air or any combination. For forced air heating systems a water to air heat exchanger, (a special rad), is simply installed in the duct work. In your bath you can even have radiant towel warmers.

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